Celebrate Youth Milestones

We measure success by how far a youth has come, not by how far they must go.

Celebrating Youth Milestones

Youth arrive at the Roberts/Smart Centre with a backpack of issues and emotions.

Their lives are broken and they need a safe place and specialized mental health treatment to help them put the pieces back together.

RSC helps them to process their experiences, to look at things differently, to gain an understanding of who they are, and learn how to respond to new situations.

When they leave, they do so better prepared to be the author of their own story, to continue achieving important milestones on their journey to wholeness and a healthier lifestyle.

We invite you to join us in celebrating youth milestones. Because when youth can access the mental health support that they need and deserve, it can change the course of their lives.

Stories that inspired this campaign

Celebrating youth milestones

When S. arrived at the Roberts/Smart Centre he had a backpack full of emotional and behavioural issues.

compassionate communities

Students from St. Mark Catholic High School help RSC youth achieve important milestones.

changing the trajectory

By the time someone finds their way to RSC, they have often accessed 40 or more different mental health services.

Our youth work hard to overcome challenging issues at a young age. Each is unique, and each treatment milestone they reach is a cause for celebration. 

Give today

With your support, “Milestone Bags” will be given to those who have completed important steps in their healing journey as recognition for their hard work. 

Each bag will be customized for the youth and contain useful items such as a hoodie, a t-shirt, a tuque, and a water bottle.


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