Exceptional treatment, security, and education in a secure, supportive, and welcoming environment.

Life at Secure Treatment

Our Secure Treatment program is an intensive, live-in treatment option for youth ages 12-18 dealing with complex mental health and behavioural issues. Admission to our Secure Treatment Facility in Ottawa requires a court order and is open to youth from all over Ontario.

24/7 Care and Support

Secure Treatment offers extensive around-the-clock treatment and care that prioritizes the needs of the youth. Sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Health and Wellness

The facility offers a Medication Room on-site, where Youth Counsellors can administer medication safely, and meet regularly with clinicians.

All-in-one Facility

The living quarters include private bedrooms that overlook the common room on the upper floor, a meeting room where youth can receive visitors, a medication room, a gym for indoor sports and activities, a fenced outdoor space, and individual classrooms.

Focus on Education

The program offers an on-site classroom, where students can earn credits toward their high school diploma while in treatment, through a partnership with the M.F. McHugh Education Centre.

Enriched Activities

Youths participate in a wide range of activities from music classes to outdoor education and therapeutic painting to poetry. They also go on a variety of educational trips.

“I was 14 years old when I was placed at the Roberts/Smart Centre. I felt like my life had hit a low. I felt hopeless. With the help of the staff, I was able to find better coping strategies, something that I struggled with.[…] I began to see value in myself again and gained hope.

I have since gone to college and became a Registered Practical Nurse. I wanted to devote my career to mental health to help others the way I have been helped. I am married to an amazing husband, and we have two sons who are the light of our life.”

- C., former Roberts/Smart Centre youth

Is Secure Treatment right for you or a youth you know?

We accept applications for youth aged 12-17 experiencing significant problems functioning in one or more areas of life: personal, family, school, and community.

Admission to the Secure Treatment Program requires that an application be made to the Provincial Court under “Part VII – Extraordinary Measures” of the Child, Youth, and Family Services Act.

The treatment at RSC requires the youth to:

  • Be independent with basic hygiene.
  • Engage in reciprocal communication, understand multi-step directives, and have reflective capacities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to live in a group setting with limited sensory modification.


To apply for Secure Treatment or more information, contact our Intake Team now.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our approach to mental health treatment is strengths-based, trauma-informed, and person-centered. We help youth to recover and heal through treatment, education, and life-skills development.

Community Reintegration

The Centre works with the youth to ensure they have the easiest possible transition back into their families and their community. 

Open Live-in Treatment

The Centre also operates two open live-in programs in urban homes in Ottawa. They provide care to youths that require treatment and support on a 24-hour basis.