The Roberts/Smart Academy (DCLA)

Where mental health meets academic excellence.

Established in 1999, the Roberts/Smart Academy (a.k.a. the Debbie Campbell Learning Academy) is an accredited private school for students who find it difficult to succeed in a traditional school setting due to mental health and behavioural challenges.

Supported by a specialized clinician-led team, students work towards provincially recognized credits while receiving treatment and developing the skills necessary for continued academic success.

Located in downtown Ottawa, teachers and staff work collaboratively with students to promote a positive learning environment.

Downtown Ottawa location

The Academy is located in a convenient downtown Ottawa location, 440 Albert St, with many public transit options.

Clinician led team

Students are supported by a specialized clinician-led treatment team focused on creating a positive learning environment with individualized treatment goals and counselling.

Breakfast and Lunch

A hot breakfast and lunch are prepared on-site daily to ensure students have the fuel they need to succeed.

High staff-to-student ratio

A high staff-to-student ratio allows for an unparalleled ability to adapt to the learning style and needs of the student.

Provincially recognized credits

The Academy offers provincially recognized credits in: English, math, music, drama/media, gym, business.

Extended Opportunities

Students participate in music and art programs, field trips, gym, outdoor education, and more.

“A love of learning has lot to do with learning that we are loved.”

- Fred Rogers

DCLA on the move!

We are pleased to announce that Roberts/Smart Academy (DCLA) has moved to their new home on the second floor of 440 Albert Street. The new space is filled with natural light, more classrooms and a larger activity or meeting space.

This relocation has been a long time coming. We had been looking for a new space for a couple of years and we were fortunate enough to be able to relocate in the same building that we were previously in.  

A big thank you to all who helped make this move possible. Organizing all of the rooms as well as sorting through huge amounts of paperwork, artwork, and all of the things we had accumulated through the years at our former space was a considerable endeavour. 


For inquiries about the Roberts/Smart Academy Contact Intake.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Our approach to mental health treatment is strengths-based, trauma-informed, and person-centered. We help youth to recover and heal through treatment, education, and life-skills development.

Day Treatment Program

Day treatment provides youth with a therapeutic, structured, meaningful, and directed learning program. As these programs address the academic needs of the youth, they simultaneously provide support to the treatment plan of the student.

School-Based Mental Health Programs

The Centre provides mental health services in local high schools for youth whose behavioural and mental health challenges have led to difficulties functioning in traditional school settings and/or suspension or expulsion from their home school.