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These services are provided to high-risk youth in the community who are moving through key transition points in their development. Assistance is provided to youth and families in the community where there is a risk of out-of-home placement, harm to self or others and other services are not available or appropriate. The goals of this program is to provide the youth and their families, with the support needed to successfully stay at home, transition back home, transition to independent living, to access other services in the community for support and to assist them to successfully navigate their way into the adult mental health system if needed.


The transition program is individualized to meet the unique needs of youth who are transitioning back into the community after receiving treatment within one of the Roberts/Smart Centre live-in or day treatment programs. The goal is to ensure that the transition back into their community allows them to be connected with the appropriate resources and focus on building permanent family/guardianship connections. The transition counsellor communicates with the youth and family/guardian regularly, advocates on their behalf to ensure they are connected to necessary services and provides support pertaining to the individual needs of the youth and family.

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