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The Roberts/Smart Centre employs a dedicated team of professionals, who are well trained and experienced in the area of managing and treating youth mental health and behavioral disorders. At the Roberts/Smart Centre, staff are qualified Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Clinicians, Nurses, Pharmacists or Child and Youth Counsellors who have special training in trauma informed client centered treatment, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Collaborative Problem Solving.

Board of Directors

Simon Brazier, President

Dean Tester, Vice President

Vacant, Past President

Ed Miner, Treasurer

Louisa Battistelli, Secretary

Woody Aspilaire, Director

Janelle Feldstein, Director

Peter Lamont, Director

Sandra West, Director

Elizabeth Jarvis, Director

Kristen Rudderham, Director

Sabeen Awan, Director

Jennifer Radley, Director

Nadine Trépanier, Director

François D’Aoust, Director

Dana Wesley, Director

Sonia Nadon-Campbell, Director

David Dalphy, Director

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