Many of the youth that come to the Roberts/Smart Centre have no home and have had up to 40 or more different placements during their 12 to 17 years of life. They arrive with all of their things in garbage bags. These bags contain torn or dirty clothes, often that don’t fit, and sometimes miscellaneous papers – things with little meaning to the youth.

Following the first night at our Secure Treatment unit, the youth frequently say that they had the first good sleep in years … because their room doors were locked and no one could creep in to hurt them.

During their time with us, the youth start to use their allowances to purchase things they value – clothes that fit them, hygiene products and personal items. All of these new possessions go into a new duffel bag. Following their treatment with us the kids discard the original garbage bag and most of its contents, marking an important milestone on their journey to wholeness and a healthier lifestyle.