Kicking off the summer with fun and growth at Camp RSC 2024


From June 25-27, Rideau Hill Camp on the Rideau River was abuzz with excitement as Camp RSC 2024 welcomed youth for three incredible days. This year’s camp was brimming with adventures, laughter, and memorable moments that everyone will cherish.

The Rideau River was the center of attention as campers eagerly engaged in canoeing and fishing. One lucky camper made a remarkable catch, reeling in a huge fish with a grin as big as his catch! Swimming in the camp’s in-ground pool was another highlight, providing a refreshing break from the summer heat and plenty of fun as campers splashed and played together.

A bit of harmless mischief added to the camp’s charm. One clever camper managed to place a hula hoop at the very top of the flagpole, amusing everyone and becoming a favourite campfire story. Speaking of campfires, they happened nightly and included lots of smores.

The camp concluded with the annual BBQ, where staff and Board members joined to celebrate the campers’ growth and achievements. Youth were awarded wooden camp medals that were lovingly handmade for categories such as “Best Monkeying Around”, “Smores Monster”, and “Biggest Fish”.

Camp RSC provides a unique opportunity for youth to disconnect from screens, connect with nature, and build essential life skills. It’s a place where they can develop confidence, resilience, and lasting friendships. The supportive environment encourages exploration, teamwork, and personal growth, helping each camper discover their potential.

 A special thank you goes out to Michel Cousineau and our dedicated staff members. Their hard work made Camp RSC 2024 an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Reflecting on these three wonderful days, we are grateful for the memories made and look forward to many more adventures. See you next year at Camp RSC!