A Fall Day at Camp Misabe


On Saturday, October 15, we went to Camp Misabe again. This time we met with Knowledge keepers that taught us how to weave baskets. It took us about 4 and a half hours to weave them. Each of us ended up with such unique baskets to us.

JP made a rainbow basket. TC made a basket inspired by the Trans flag. LC made a basket that resembled a bee. C made a wide basket. I made a basket with browns and deep reds.

It took a lot of focus and determination to complete them, and the knowledge keepers supported us throughout and corrected all our mistakes.

Pamela, the owner of the camp, made a bush lunch. She cooked up a corn soup and made Bannock, which she served with maple syrup made from the trees surrounding us. She gave us a lesson about corn soup and told us stories of her childhood eating the same soup.

We ended the day with fishing, learning how to filet fish, sitting around the fire sharing our feelings, and running around the property pulling pranks on one another.

The day was incredibly healing for all involved. Each youth said it was one of the best days they can remember having.

– Sarah T.